08 July 2009

Welcome To Amazing!

(isiZulu for "Hello")

To me, Welcome to Amazing was not only the theme for the National Arts Festival in Grahamstown, it seemed to be the theme for the past couple days! We started off the weekend by packing up and heading to Grahamstown for their annual Arts Festival! It is said to be the largest festival of it’s kind in the continent of Africa. The food, the drinks, the art, and the amazing vibe of this festival, doesn’t compare to anything I’ve ever been to! It was interesting to see the various types of art with an African twist to it. I would try to explain how cool it was through typing about it, but we all know my photos do a much better job! Check them out and let me know what you think!

Central Market
This was probably one of my favorite areas. There were numerous street performances and great crafts for sale!
Greens Feild Market
The band we were watching in this photo was pretty awesome! It was a soft-rock, acoustic group who sang in both English and isiXhosa!
This comedian was Egg-celent! He was walking around telling jokes "on the phone" while entertaining everyone with his extravogant hat! His crazy laugh still haunts me!
My buddy Kevin and I enjoying a Kudu Roll... after a Kudu burger. Yum!
Everywhere you walked there was bound to be a poster advertizing a show or two... or thirty.
Cape Town Big Jazz Band
This is one of the three jazz bands we saw. The other two were younger, yet talented, groups.
Some of the street acts were pretty amazing! This one, I think, was a traditional Zulu dance. What I found intersting was the fact that they would be singing, dancing, and chanting at the same time.
Another show, which happened to be my favorite, was the African Beat Production. It was a spectacular review of African music and dance over time. No words can describe how talented these performers are!
On our way back to Port Elizabeth, we were lucky to have yet another amazing sunset! These two are of the same sky at the Nanaga Farm Stall Market.
This view was only there for about five-minutes. I turned around and it was gone!


The Addo Elephant National and Scotia Game Park was an experience at another level of amazing. I seriously needed to pinch myself because I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. If I had the internet speed and time, I would definitely share all my pictures! For now, enjoy these!
Our park guide called this "The Bum View." It's obvious why... right?
Just enjoying the breeze outside the van!
It's Pumba!
I saw this sign as we stopped and wasn't sure if I wanted to get out of the vehicle. I remember watching this video on YouTube of lions attacking people at places like this. Scary stuff! Don't worry, I didn't stay in the van, I was brave enough to get out.
I couldn't believe how close these elephants would get to our van! These gentle giants were massive!
Driving to the water hole!
I remember driving up to this and not knowing what to think or say. I was speechless.

Fun Fact: It takes an elephant eight months after birth to fully learn how to control the 60,000 muscles in their trunk!
The sign of a lion being here! Rest in Peace, Buck!
Zebras! How do we pronounce it? Potato is tomato as Deborah is to Zebra?

Sh*$ happens!
I think everytime they would face our truck like this, our hearts skipped a beat. You never know when they're ready to attack.
The following pictures do not justify the size of these lions! It was so intense when we parked right next to them. Our truck was wide open so they could have easily jumped in for a quick snack!
I would have gone to play with him, but I'm allergic to cats. Bummer!
We were told it was mating season... no wonder she's tired.
This lion was probably the scarriest one! Oh wait, it's just Marci! Here we are enjoying our last couple hours of the game ride. Searching for night activity was so much fun!
We ended our excursion with some delicious food and drinks! Chicken, Springboc, veggies and rice. One of the best meals I've had in South Africa!
Overall an amazing couple days with some amazing people!


I'm sorry to say that this might be my last blog entry during my stay in South Africa! My university program has ended and I have one week left here, so I'm going to take the time to do some exploring. Tomorrow, a few of my travelmates and I are packing up and heading to Jeffery's Bay for a couple nights. There, we will be exploring the town while watching some world class surfers at the Billabong Pro Competition!

After our stay in Jeffery's, there's a chance I might be flying to Johannesburg. My free accomodations in Pretoria are still pending, so that trip isn't set in stone. For now, I have reservations at a hostel in Summerstrand just in case. Either way, I don't see how this trip can get any better!

Thank you to everyone who has been keeping up with my blog. I truly enjoy sharing all my experiences with you! I promise my voyages are only beginning and there will be many more to come!

Peace, Love and Chicken Grease!

Until next time,

Usale kahle!
(iziZulu for "Goodbye")


  1. What I'm going to say is no different than all of the other comments I've left...and it's something that I'm sure you've told yourself over and over again....A-MAZING!

    Vino. Your pictures are looking so great--you working for National Geographic now or what? I love the pics of the sunset, the itty bitty baby elephants, Pumba drinking water,the rhino pooping and of course, the lions. I'm sure being by all of those animals were powerful.

    Anywho, I miss you and can't wait to see you. Your experience has been mine as I've lived vicariously through your blog ;-)

  2. You're really great at describing such indescribable experiences through your words & photos! I love the one of the warthog at the waterhole. I can't wait to see more of your photos from J-Bay etc. Be safe & have fun during your last week!! :) <3 Christ-INE

  3. Well Mr.Alvin, what can say? I believe you should reconsider your college major because well....you have been such an awesome photographer and reporter. Thank you once again for taking the time and energy to publish such an awesome blog. You made YOUR adventures MY adventures too. Your pix and words have made me smile and cry (weep, weep) mostly smile though.

    Pictures of the elephants were my favorites-made me think of the LOVE OF FAMILY and FRIENDS-togetherness (pure sweetness)

    Oh and the EGG HEAD MAN! funny.

    Wow, they were all so interesting and i can't wait to see more.
    Well-better let go now. Thanks again and remember, please stay smart and BE SAFE....see ya soon.