21 May 2009

Alvin, Blogging?

So, a few of my friends told me I should start a blog before I leave to Africa. I took their advice and started one today. I figured, since internet might be kind of hard to come across, this would be a good way to keep everyone somewhat "updated" on my status out there. Hopefully, I have the time to write an entry every now and then, and maybe post some pictures!

I'm extremely excited about this trip and busted my ass to make it possible!

Here we go, the start of my voyage!


  1. sooo excited for your blog. woop woop!

  2. i'm excited you decided to start one up, i can't wait to see all the great photos you take in Africa!

  3. Thanks Liz and Vanessa! You two are the ones who talked me into it!

  4. am really happy for you son, Now I can feel your enjoyment and how excited you are planning and finnally doing it and loving it. No wonder you never said I miss home. Love you Mom